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goldenanorak is a London-based group of comedy writers, formed in 2007, who produce audio sketches, spoof news items and miscellaneous other treats. They are proud to present some of the fruits of their labour here, and hope you will enjoy them enough to subscribe to our webfeed and download our [future] podcasts. Golden Anorak will also be represented at the 2009 Edinburgh Festival, where some of the group will be delighting audiences with a fine blend of stand-up and sketches.

Matthew Jure is an actor-musician who won Best Newcomer at the BBC-SRA Radio Awards 2000 and Best Actor at the New York International Independent Film Festival 2008.

Victoria Hogg. A writer, editor, journalist for some of your favourite magazines, Victoria is now a sketch writer and fresh-faced stand-up.

Michael Marsden. An editor and freelance writer whose forays into comedy include writing for and performing in This Sketch Show Belongs to Lionel Richie at the 2008 Edinburgh Festival.

Christopher Hogg. Though normally on time, Christopher came late to comedy. Foolishly he spent his time becoming an expert in online advertising. Pop-ups and banners and all forms of annoying online advertising are his fault.

Pippa Palmer. A marketing professional with a love of copywriting, Pippa started writing comedy for pleasure in 2007.

Elizabeth Mearns is a radio and TV producer who has worked for many of the big international news networks. Since 2002 I have been producing radio and video for the BBC World Service. I started writing and producing comedy in 2007.

Sal Thomas - When Bob Monkhouse died in 2003, Sal decided that someone had to continue his charmingly naff comedy lineage. Some 5 years later, having watched every episode of Celebrity Squares exactly 47 times each, she started her journey. People laughed when she said she was going to be a comedy writer. They’re not laughing now. Thank you Bob...

Siobhan O'Hagan recently graduated from East15 (the drama school not the Essex boy band) and has a background in stand up and sketch comedy. Comedy highlight being wench no 2 in Four Wenches and a Free for All in Edinburgh Festival 2007.