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Alix Fox

You'll never look at T-shirts, supermarket checkouts or cats' arses in the same way again. If you're the kind of person who examines cats' arses in detail to begin with, then you'll enjoy this show. If you're not, you'll still enjoy this show, regardless of your relationship towards feline buttholes.

Deborah Broom

This show is as amusing as it is unusual (subject matter was very varied!). A good mix of different styles that work well together. Fantastic writing twinned with natural comedic delivery kept me giggling all the way through, even in the pauses between sketches! Go see!!

Neil Meader

Genuinely clever comedy - supermarket sketch was genius. And a pleasure to see routines devoid of up itself pretence and cheap jibes at others' expense (except for Coldplay, who probably deserve everything they get).

Matthew Jure

Rockin' preview at The Lukin last night!

Great mix of personalities with perceptive, playful standup and effortlessly bizarre sketches.

One criticism of the show, though:

Muuuuuch too short.

Christel Pesty

I had a really great time thanks to you 4... I wanted more!! All the best in Edinburgh!

Michael Marsden

Diverse material that hangs together very well - I defy anyone to be bored! Engaging stand-up & a couple of sketches that deserve to be filmed and become YouTube hits immediately. Surely we should be paying to watch this?

claudia timpson

Golden Anorak are the new Fantastic Four - they'll make you SNAP your knicker elastic, CACKLE like a demented crone and POP your funny bone. 4 different stand up styles, mixed in with a diverse range of comedy sketches; something to suit everyone. Just the thing to kick off a great night. Enjoy.

Harry Bentley

I saw them at the Mercat Bar and i loved it.
4 styles to hit all the sweet spots out there.
Great acting, kooky stand-up and hilarious sketches.
I'd pay to see the show again next Fringe.

Pol Steele

*****Star GD Edinburgh Festival Recommendation
- Three Minx an' a Madman make Merry at the Mercat!

"A delightful mix of stand up and sketch based humour which relies on talent rather than bad language to get belly laughs. Wickedly funny mixture of the surreal and the sublime that is sure to be a major hit of the PBH Free Fringe 2009!" - The GD

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